7 Ways Makeup Boosts Women’s Mental Health

Doing makeup can be a therapeutic experience, since it’s more or less a form of art. Our face becomes the canvas and the possibilities are endless. The variety and versatility of modern cosmetics is stupefying; you can find makeup products for every skin type, skin color, climate/weather, time of the day, mood, environment, taste, occasion, and so on. Many people think that applying makeup is superficial and women use it to mask their true identity, which is ridiculous. Truth is, makeup is worn by many men and women today, and each of them have their own reasons.

It shouldn’t matter why someone wears makeup, as long as it makes them happy. The effects of putting on makeup are not just skin deep, since it helps millions of women deal with depression and anxiety every day. There are so many people out there who cope with their mental health issues by doing drugs, getting drunk, being reckless, or violating Criminal Law. To be honest, doing makeup is probably the safest and healthiest psychotherapy for women from every walk of life.

1.    It is empowering

Unfortunately, a large percentage of women around the globe feel oppressed or underprivileged because of the eminent patriarchy; they feel deprived of freedom or essentially powerless. Doing makeup is something that helps them regain control over their lives. It gives them the power to create and transform into into a version of themselves that they find admirable. The makeup becomes their war face – a weapon that vanquishes their insecurities.

2.    It promotes self-care

The time women take to do their make-up is perhaps the only time they get their own undivided attention. The majority of modern women are breadwinners and homemakers, which has turned them into non-stop multitasking machines. Most of their time is dedicated to serving and satisfying other people dependent on them. A woman who takes out time to do her makeup is actually saving a little love and care for herself too. Women who neglect their needs and appearance end up looking and feeling exhausted all the time.

3.    It provides a channel to express oneself

Many young girls want to be seen; teenage is particularly a phase of life when a person craves attention and approval. All the colors and textures available in makeup allow women to illustrate their mood and bare their soul. Many of them are still discovering their true self, so makeup allows experimentation in a way that does not pose any hazard. The way a girl does her makeup reveals a lot about her personality and she can always use it to make a statement. It is a formula of catharsis that liberates her.

4.    It raises self-confidence

Makeup makes a woman feel beautiful and flawless. She looks presentable and her natural features are enhanced. For most women, makeup is not about turning yourself into a cover girl; they just don’t want to come across as haggard and unkempt. A light makeup routine livens up and refines their demeanor, which is essential to make a good impression during professional and social interactions. Makeup can make women look younger, fresher, and sharper, which does wonders for their self-esteem.

5.    It’s a fun and productive hobby

Experimenting with makeup allows a person to be mindful and creative. Practicing different makeup styles is a good way to keep oneself busy and showcase their imagination. It is an activity you can share with your friends, sisters, mother, daughters, or any other woman close to your heart. Doing each other’s makeup is a great way to have some fun and laughs while spending quality time together.

6.    It offers a great escape

Makeup can be a wonderful distraction from an idol mind and a negative train of thought. When you’re feeling low, doing your makeup is a good way to shift your focus to a happier place. You can turn yourself into a Zombie Bride or the Queen from Alice in Wonderland to immerse yourself in a world of fiction. This lets you forget about your worries and unwind for a bit, which is exactly what you need to stay sane.

7.    It’s a valuable skill

Honing your makeup skills is something that pays off nowadays. There is a high demand for talented makeup artists in Hollywood and other entertainment industries worldwide. Many makeup experts generate quite a handsome income, simply from uploading blogs and tutorials online. If you’re good at doing your makeup, people from your social circle will shower you with compliments and beg for tips. You can always turn this skill into a full-time career by working with a modeling agency, opening your personal beauty salon, or becoming a teacher. Being in demand, receiving praise, and making a good living should definitely boost your mental health.

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John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who creates content focused on healthcare and personal well-being. He encourages readers to take care of their bodies and mind to live an ideal life. He also stresses improving one’s quality of life via positive thoughts and actions. Blogging about personal opinions and life experiences makes John happy, and he is always open to constructive criticism.

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